Who is ExeQution Analytics?

Built on 18 years' experience working with leading global investment banks and the world's largest buy-side asset managers
Proven history of design, implementation and delivery of best-in-class analytic platforms using kdb+/q
Expertise in the use of analytics for algorithmic trading, trading performance analysis and market microstructure analysis
In-depth knowledge across market data, trading behaviours and time series database technology
Extensive experience in execution analysis with a track record of providing answers to difficult trading problems

What makes ExeQution Analytics different?

A focus on excellence through simple and elegant solutions to complex problems
Effective translation between business and technology strategy
An understanding of the fine balance between pragmatism and idealism when it comes to delivery

Why choose ExeQution Analytics?

A thorough understanding of all aspects of electronic trading business
A collaborative and cooperative approach to projects, with clear communication at every step
A pragmatic and efficient focus on delivery
Almost two decades of experience allows us to preempt, predict and resolve problems before they occur

How can ExeQution Analytics help your business?

Unlock the true potential of your data with a bespoke analytics platform capable of providing clarity to the questions you need answered
Fully customisable analytics development to aid and evaluate trading decisions, including pre-trade, intraday and post-trade monitoring tools
Enable identification of potential areas of optimisation in trading styles and trading behaviour through actionable insights