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Transforming data into actionable insights

Make better trading decisions with a smarter approach to analytics

Empower trading desks and quantitative teams with the tools they need to gain enhanced & actionable insights into the trading process through the creation of custom analytic platforms.

Why ExeQution Analytics

Accessible, efficient, customised and faster than you can imagine.

Obtain insights across all aspects of the trading process through efficient analytic platforms, empowering your trading desk and quantitative teams.


A robust and reliable process designed with the nuances of your trading in mind to deepen understanding of your trading activity and the complex market microstructures.


The ability to interrogate your datasets with customised analytics to move beyond basic understanding of trading performance to identify genuine insight. Flexible and speedy iterations allow critical investigation into areas of optimisation.


Accelerate decision making processes to swiftly adapt to changing market conditions, fine-tune trading behaviours and optimise for efficiencies.

Our Services

A structured & flexible analytics framework.

Our powerful, proven library of analytics has been designed and developed with the ability to efficiently analyse vast volumes of data at scale and speed. It has the capability of solving problems, providing insights, and identifying patterns within the chaotic world of trading and market data.

We integrate a base library of core analytics that can be customised and enhanced to focus on your workflow.

Our custom platform will grow with the needs of your business and ever-evolving market conditions.

We move beyond traditional trading analytics to discover deeper trends hiding within your data.

We highlight what happened and why, what the contributing factors were, and what can be optimised in the future.

How we can help you.

Sell Side Execution Desks

The design of custom analytics offers unparalleled insight into optimisation of electronic trading strategies enabling higher ranking on top-tier buy-side broker panels/algo wheels and translating to larger shares of commission wallets.

Prop/Quant Trading

In-depth analysis enables enhanced understanding of the cost of execution impact on proprietary quantitative strategies, identifying opportunities to optimise underperforming markets and increasing overall strategy profitability.

Asset Managers

Improved transparency on the characteristics of trading flow across portfolios and markets enables increased understanding of trading patterns, leading to customisation of bespoke trading strategies, reducing implicit transaction costs and increasing profit margins.


Trade surveillance relies on a thorough understanding of both market and trading activity – the same expertise we bring to trading analytics. Our framework can deliver improved transparency to compliance functions, triggering alerts on unexpected trading and unexplained patterns in activity.

Our Platform - Technology Overview

Developed in q and designed for integration with kdb+ platforms

Our proven framework enables us to rapidly customise analytics and visualisations specific to each client.

With a high level of experience in front office trading platforms, our resources have skills across various operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux) and languages that have provided trading desks strong advantages for years : kdb+/q, C/C++, Python, R, Java and Javascript.

About Us

An unparalleled ability to translate between technology, trading & quant vernaculars to deliver the best for our clients.

Built on decades of experience across technology, trading and market data, we are passionate about solving problems for our clients.  Over 20 years building several iterations of green-field analytic platforms, we have refined an approach that enables organisations to realise the full benefit of their technology. This approach has been tested in partnership with financial organisations of all sizes, allowing them to expand usage of trading analytics across the firm, without the need to expand resources.

We believe in

Delivering on promises

Our reputation for excellence

A collaborative & co-operative approach

Exceeding expectations

Efficient solutions to complex problems

Meet the Team


Cat Turley

With 20 years’ experience working with leading global investment banks and some of the world’s largest asset managers, Cat has an extensive understanding of market microstructures, execution analysis and how the right choice of technology can empower organisations to achieve more with less. Cat is passionate about improving efficiency and understanding across all areas of trading and founded ExeQution Analytics to contribute towards this goal.

Strategy/Account Management

Rob Hodgkinson

Having worked in Financial Markets Technology since 1979, Rob is focused on combining ultra-high-performance technology and advanced maths for applied solutions including real-time matching engines, tick capture, analytics, monitoring, and surveillance primarily in exchange and market data-related applications.

Senior Consultant

Jo Shinonome

Jo is best known as the creator of vscode-q plug-in enabling q developers to improve their productivity globally and is an active contributor to many open source kdb+ projects in the financial services space. A highly experienced kdb+ architect and quantitative developer with experience designing and delivering analytic platforms, Jo embraces the most complex technical challenges.

Analytics Consultant

Anakha Biju

With a background in mathematical modelling and computer science, Anakha’s
favourite part of her job is utilising the power of technology to improve efficiency of analytics – delivering results with efficient but elegant code.

Analytics Consultant

Cameron Inglis

Cameron is intrigued by how financial markets operate and how analytics can be used to improve understanding of market behaviours. He constantly strives to learn more about algorithmic trading and execution patterns to deliver bespoke analysis.

Analytics Consultant

Tony Foc

Tony is inspired by the use of innovative technologies to enable understanding of financial markets. He is a critical thinker, always on the look out for opportunities to optimise code and enhance performance of the libraries he works on.

Downloadable Insights

Informative reports across a range of topics

Tokyo Stock Exchange implemented the third phase in its 'small tick size' program on June 5th 2023. This program began in 2014 with the introduction of smaller tick sizes for the TOPIX 100 instrument universe and the most recent change extends the smaller tick sizes to include all stocks in the TOPIX 500.

In the fast-paced world of financial markets, the ability to extract maximum value from market data is crucial.
This report explores the strategies and techniques that firms can employ to transform their raw data into actionable insights, enabling them to gain a competitive edge, optimise trading performance, and drive profitability.

In recent years, time series similarity search has emerged as a powerful tool for analysing sequential data, offering flexibility and effectiveness in identifying patterns and anomalies across potentially large datasets. This report evaluates the use of time series similarity search to enhance intraday price prediction in equities markets.

Improve your understanding.
Improve your trading decisions.

A robust analytics platform can deliver the insights you need. ExeQution Analytics can help you make this platform a reality.

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